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Walking Dead Season Finale

WARNING! This recap/review contains spoilers.

“Who are we?” ~ Carl

Disturbing: we open on a shot of Rick bloodied and slumped by the side of the road.


Wow we’re on edge tonight, which is why they then transition to…

OK nothing cheers you up more than a good Hershel flashback, right? And

throughout the show back at the prison, Hershel talks to Rick about teaching things

like farming for the next generation (Carl.) And being an example to him.

Flash forward, Rick explains to Carl how to set a trap. Michonne: “I wonder if

terminus is legit.” Rick: “We let people in.” Michonne: “So did the Governor.” (And

we’re already a little suspect of Terminus already, right?)

And then Rick, Michonne and Carl find themselves trapped by Joe and his group

who have recognized Rick as the person who killed their friend Lew. Darryl asks

that they be spared, Joe’s guys start beating up Darryl. Carl is pulled from the car

by another baddie. Rick BITES Joe’s throat, and all the other henchmen are shot or

stabbed, except for the guy holding Carl who is stabbed over, and over, and over by


Back to that first show-shot of a bloody Rick, WHERE IS EVERYBODY? Oh, ok, Carl

and Michonne are in the car and Darryl is back from a run. Rick calls Darryl “my


The group finds another Terminus sign, and decides to approach from the woods

because “we don’t know who they are.” Rick buries extra weapons, “just in case.”

The group jumps the fence and finds a strangely small number of people in a

warehouse, with one woman reading the radio Terminus message over and over.

Gareth and Alex have them set down their weapons, they are searched, then given

back their weapons, (huh?) Mary greets them with her famous “let me give you

something to eat” line. (Please refer to last’s week’s Soylent Green reference.)

Rick quickly turns on Alex, grabs Hershel’s watch from his pants and asks “where

did you get this?” He explains he got it off a dead guy (which would mean Glenn

is dead, because Hershel gave the watch to Glenn.) And the armor and clothes

recognized as belonging to people from their group were given other explanations.

Our group makes a run for it, as snipers (purposefully?) MISS shooting them, over

and over. Confronted by armed men at the fences they put down their weapons ad

are instructed to enter a train car that seems empty. But one by one our group of

eight led by Glenn and Maggie come out of the shadows.

Rick assesses the situation and says “They’re going to feel pretty stupid… when they

find out they’re screwing with the wrong people.” (Awesome!)

So, Terminus is clearly not the end of the line. And who is still out? Carol, Tyrese,

baby Judith and Beth. All our other friends (and new friends (?) are trapped in a

train car by a mysterious band of… what? What is Terminus and who are these

people? What do they want from our friends?

Ah gee really? We’ve got to wait until the fall for the next episodes? OK, on to Mad

Men! OK just kidding, how about I meet you next for Game of Thrones!

Amy Donley is empty inside, since you haven’t seen her in her award-winning movie

“SHELLTER” (download a copy at amazon.com). But she is full of life when writing this

blog, and hopes you will friend her on facebook!

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