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Walking Dead ‘Self Help’

Walking Dead “Self Help” 11/09/14


“Every direction is a question. We don’t go back.” ~ Glenn

We’re back on the road to a cure for zombie-itis with our splinter group on the bus when whoa! Bus roll-over! Walkers on the way! Our group successfully gets out of this mess, and decides to “check out” the library (see what I did there?) After a night’s rest, they spy a fire truck that seems to be their way out of town, but it too breaks down almost immediately. One by one the group takes out walkers one by one… then Eugene uses the fire hose (and the only available water) to dissolve the rotting walking corpses. As they check out the road ahead, it is over-run by walkers, and Abraham insists they keep going, it is very important to get Eugene to D.C. so he can use his scientific skills to cure this crazy that has taken over the world. As the group argues the best way to get out of this situation, Eugene makes a confession. He is not a scientist and he does not have any idea how to save the world, let alone save the group. Abraham punches him out.

Abraham is invested in this mission with Eugene. We saw flash backs of Abraham saving his family, but then his family leaving because of the brutality. He finds what’s left of the family, goes to kill himself, but then sees Eugene being chased down the street by walkers, and Abraham saves him. An Eugene says that he has a mission for Abraham… and that would be to get him to D.C. So here’s what we have left… one Eugene either alive or dead. One pissed-off Abraham whose hand will not stop bleeding no matter how many times Rosita stitches it up. And I have to say, I’m a little concerned about Glenn and Maggie after tonight’s “It’s not abut what was, it’s about what’s going to be” speech from Maggie.

Here’s what I’m really concerned about…. THERE ARE ONLY 3 MORE EPISODES LEFT THIS YEAR!


Amy Donley is an actress, and really admires (is jealous of) all the walkers in this show, and doesn’t think that having no lower body should slow down her career. To see Amy in action, check out her movie “SHELLETER” shelltermovie.com, and download the film from amazon.com. Then find Amy on Facebook and make her a friend. Because you like he same things, right?

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