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Walking Dead week three

The Walking Dead recap Episode “Claimed” original air date 2/23/14

WARNING! This recap/review contains spoilers.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” ~ Abraham

“Crook Road” is the first signpost we see, but I think this episode is more of reflections,

past present and probably future.

Michonne and Carl leave their “safe house” to make a supply run, leaving a still

weakened Rick behind. Exhausted, and assuming he’s safe from walkers, Rick wanders

upstairs, finds a bed and a good book (“Hey, I’ve been hoping to find the time to read this

one!”) and falls asleep. But… what’s scarier than walkers?

Michonne and Carl search a home, where she finds a bedroom with the bodies of a family

who decided murder-suicide was the best way out. An emotional moment, as Carl is

down because he thinks his baby sister Judith has died, and Michonne has revealed that

she had a young son who was lost as well. Carl comments that the two are probably

together… Michonne is reminded again the tough decisions families make in this new


Rick meanwhile hardly gets any REM sleep before he hears the sounds of… survivors?

But it sure doesn’t sound like this group going door to door is selling Girl Scout cookies.

Climbing under the bed, he witnesses two men fighting over… who gets to rest in this

great bed! (OK, there’s lots of empty houses these days guys. Get a room!) Before he

loses consciousness, one of the men sees Rick, but then passes out from a chokehold.

The winner of the spat, let’s call him Goldilocks, then proceeds to take a load off. Tense

filled moments as Rick tries to escape his upstairs refuge (the other group yelling at each

other, up & down the stairs,) and finds, well, someone actually taking a load off in the

bathroom. Quickly dispatching that guy (and leaving him to turn into a walker,) Rick

ventures out on the roof to escape (remember Carl eating pudding on the roof to escape?)

and manages to get away and shoo off Michonne and Carl from returning to the house.

Meanwhile… Glenn wakes in the back of Abraham’s truck with Tara. Discovering that

they passed the bus (where he thinks Maggie might be) he demands to be let out to go

find her, despite Tara having told him that everyone at the bus was dead. No time, says

Abraham, we’re on a mission to D.C. to save the world, and the more people we have

the better. Your see, Dr. Eugene here (nice mullet, bro,) is a scientist and he knows

what caused this mess. This leads to a fight within the group (again, see above) so when

walkers arrive attracted by the sound, Dr. Eugene proves that though he may be smart, he

shouldn’t be on the business end of a gun, and proceeds to shoot a hole in the gas tank of

the truck. Without transport, the group decides to follow Glenn’s lead back to where they

came from.

Great new characters this episode, including you, girlie, with the one line and doing your

best Laura Croft impersonation. Abraham, Dr. bad haircut, and even a glimpse at the

leader of the noisy/sleepy/constipated Goldilocks gang, who I’m sure will be making

another appearance.

On a personal note, I was horrified by the realization that people’s homes post-zombie

apocalypse are neater and cleaner than mine is now. Time to clean house!

Until next week…

Amy Donley is an actress, giving her all in the award-winning horror film SHELLTER

(www.shelltermovie.com , download at amazon.com) She hopes you will enjoy these

recaps so much that you will consider adding her as a Friend on facebook. Please excuse

any errors or omissions, as she has no fingers and writing takes a really long time.

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