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Warner Brothers Discovery Pays Tribute to Matthew Perry on MAX

Max Pays Tribute to Late Matthew Perry Before “Friends” Premieres

Max, the streaming network hosting the beloved series “Friends,” is honoring the late actor Matthew Perry with a touching remembrance card. This tribute appears before each season premiere of the iconic show on the streaming platform.

The remembrance card, displaying the text “IN MEMORY OF MATTHEW PERRY 1969-2023,” is a poignant gesture that lasts for about five seconds before the commencement of the “Friends” opening sequence. This heartfelt tribute allows fans to remember the actor’s legacy and contributions to the world of entertainment.

“Friends,” the legendary sitcom that ran for ten seasons from 1994 to 2004, made the transition from Netflix to Max (formerly known as HBO Max) in 2020. The show continues to captivate audiences and retains its status as a fan favorite.

Matthew Perry’s tragic passing on Saturday, at the age of 54, deeply impacted fans and the entertainment industry. The actor’s cause of death is currently “deferred,” as the coroner awaits the results of additional tests, including toxicology. No foul play is suspected in his passing, although prescription drugs were found in his home.

In a statement released by Perry’s family, they expressed their heartbreak over the loss of their beloved son and brother. They acknowledged the outpouring of love and support from fans and the impact Matthew Perry had on the world as both an actor and friend.

Warner Bros., the studio behind “Friends,” also expressed its deep sadness at the news of Perry’s passing. The studio recognized his incredible talent and the global impact of his comedic genius, pledging to send their love to Perry’s family, loved ones, and devoted fans.

Matthew Perry will forever be remembered for his iconic role as the wry and sarcastic Chandler Bing on “Friends.” His contributions to the world of entertainment and the enduring popularity of the series ensure that his legacy lives on in the hearts of countless fans.

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Ruben Jay
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