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Daily Business Briefing: WarnerMedia Names GM for Over-The-Top Service, Amazon Becomes An Advertising Giant, Alibaba Sets Record Sales

WarnerMedia Names General Manager For Direct To Consumer Services

Direct to Consumer services (or Over-The-Top Streaming services) have become a new normal for many media giants. Disney recently announced their new OTT service, Disney+, Direct TV has an OTT service available to their customers, ESPN has ESNP+, WWE is one of the leaders in OTT with their WWE Network, and there are many more to come.

OTT or Direct To Consumer allows content providers to stream content directly to their audience for a monthly fee and becoming major revenue drivers. For example, the WWE has 1.1 Million paid subscribers to their service. Take 1.1M by $9.99 a month, times 12, you get $131 Million for the year, that they get to keep.

With all that being said, WarnerMedia has announced that they have named Brad Bentley from AT&T as their General Manager of Direct to Consumer Development. Bentley will report to WarnerMedia CEO, John Stankey, as well as Warner Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy Legg.

Amazon Becomes Advertising Giant

According to the Wallstreet Journal, Amazon has risen to the 3rd largest online advertising platform, just behind Alphabet (Google) and Facebook. Amazon is most famous for handling more than half of all online sales is now becoming more and more competitive in the marketing space.

In the last year alone, Amazon’s ad revenue has doubled to $5.83 Billion and is expected to jump to $28 Billion in the next five years. That’s an incredible growth table for Amazon.

Alibaba Sets Record

Alibaba, the Chinese online retail equivalent of Amazon, set a massive record on “Singles Day” (11/11). In what is now an annual tradition, Alibaba runs massive sales similar to Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. The retailer did $30 Billion in sales in one day.

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay is an American broadcaster, media blogger, and podcast host. Currently, Ruben is the President of MultiMediaMouth.com and the executive producer and host of the popular podcasts You’re My Best Friend and ON AIR with Ruben Jay, exclusively on MultiMediaMouth.com. Follow Ruben on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok @TheRubenJay.

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