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What the DC Universe is Doing Right 

In the wake of the shockingly positive reviews for “The Joker”, I thought I’d talk about the other really positive things DC is doing with its TV shows, and even their app itself.

 The Dc universe app is seriously incredible. Not only has it brought back beloved shows such as, “Young Justice” for a 3rd and recently announced, the 4th season of the show. It is also doing brand new live-action shows as well. Now I know what you’re thinking, the Titans trailer looks horrible and for the moment I’m not talking about that one, I’m talking about The Doom Patrol seriously this show is incredible. It’s one of the most balls to wall crazy comic shows I’ve ever seen. It features a team of superheroes searching for their leader who has been kidnapped by Mr. Nobody played by Alan Tudyk. He also from time to time narrates the show and makes it so much more fun to watch, and he plays a great villain for the show. 

 The team consists of Crazy Jane, Negative Man, Elastigirl, Cyborg, and Robot man played by Brandon Fraser. He is without a doubt the heart and soul of the team as well. It’s literally a no holds bar comic show and really doesn’t try to be anything but that. If you’re not a comic book fan it may seem weird as hell, however, if you are then I definitely recommend taking a look at the insanely awesome show. 

 On top of all that goodness, the App has thousands of comics from all your favorite heroes like Batman, Superman, Teen Titans, you name it and It’s probably on there. It also has an incredible library of DC animated movies and even new ones like Batman: hush as well. I got to watch Batman animated series again because of this app, and it felt so good to see it all once again In HD.

 While Marvel dominates the movie category, the people over at DC really know what they’re doing with TV shows, such as “Arrow, and The Flash” on The CW they are so incredible to watch. With Arrows final season-ending this year, they are in fact doing an endgame style episode where they bring all the teams from all the different shows heroes this year. Anyone ever heard of Crisis on infinite earths DC fans? Because that’s what The CW Is doing. 

 DC may not have the best track record, but don’t get me wrong I love what they’re doing, but hopefully, the Joker will get them a much better foot hold in the comic book movie genre. To show more love to the DC world I recommend checking out the DC Universe app and enjoying some of the awesome shows they have to offer.

Currently Reading: Spider-man/Deadpool # 10, Batman Rebirth # 30

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