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White Collar Returns: Introducing White Collar Friday!

Well, my favorite show of all time is back on the air as of tonight – White Collar! Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke are at it again, but this time Neal is the one trying to get Peter out of hot water. If you haven’t watched the end of Season 4 to see what happened, well get prepared to get spoiled!


I loved the ending to last season. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I literally threw my control on the ground and shouted “No! No! No! This cannot happen!” Peter was arrested for killing a state official, but he didn’t do, Neal’s father did. So now, we come to Season5. Take a look at USA’s official Sneak Peak. http://youtu.be/ryTjDYJ08AI So with all of that, What will Neal do to Free Peter? I am not sure, but this season is going to be hot. Here are 3 things that I hope do not happen this season that happened last.

  1. Season 4 got really stale really fast. Read my last article about White Collar Here.
  2. Season 4 got predictable really fast. Almost like as if they didn’t even try until the end of the season.
  3. No major developments in Neal. For most of the previous seasons, we saw Neal grow into a potentially new man, but always getting sucked back in. This time, he seems to be the same guy.

The most interesting thing about this season will be Neal’s relationship with Peter’s wife. Anywho, come back tomorrow and then EVERY Friday after that as I review season 5 of White Collar!

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
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