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X Factor: Live Blog

So last week the X Factor returned and with it came some amazing amounts of talent and tonight the auditions continued for season 3…

Tonight the first auditions brought us to the great city of Los Angeles California, talk about a search for stardom where most of it is located!

Judges Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland are present but unfortunately Paulina Rubio couldn’t make it, she was at her concert.


First Up, 2 sisters Cynthia and Shirley singing Jackson 5, I want you back. Simon replied to their performance by saying “Well we don’t want you back” and it was like a competition of who could sing the worst! Kelly suggested Cynthia come back BUT without her sister…talk about awkward! No from the judges.

Not such a great start so far, but things are looking up. Josh Levi, 14 years old from Houston Texas is up next singing Selena Gomez, Come and Get it. Demi says it was amazing and adorable. She was really impressed with the way he sang the song. Kelly said he’s going to be a star and there’s no one like him! Simon believed he sang a song he shouldn’t have sung but did very good and is looking like a future star. Yeses all around for Josh!


Time for a commercial break but expect a whole lot more…


We’re back and this time with a group of 3 brothers. Their called AKNU standing for A Kind Never Understood. They will be singing Valerie by Amy Winehouse. The guys came out with some sassy dance moves along with great voices receiving numerous cheers from the crowd. Kelly thought they were so refreshing and made people wanna dance! Demi got chills saying they have something special. Simon thought it was like watching Motown, which he hates, but he believed everything worked incredibly well. Looks like we got all yeses!


Time for another commercial break…


Now we have moved over to Charleston and Paulina is back for this. We got a country lover up next, Brandie Love, 21 and she’s singing Up to the Mountain by Kelly Clarkson. Paulina said “you’ve got the X factor!”

Simon commented saying she took them to church and he loved it and predicts great things. Kelly thought watching her get lost in the song was amazing. Demi’s favorite thing was how she brought country music and put soul. Yes yes yes yes from all 4 judges!

Millie Thrasher is up and she really thrashed the judges with her talent. She got all 4 yeses! Along with Timmy Thames age 13 and Yellow High Canyon who are 2 best friends.


Commercial but still to come, Simon’s brutal criticism that we can’t help but enjoy…


Over to Long Island we go! Starting with Vincent, who seems extremely confident. He is singing How Could I Live Without You by LeAnn Rimes. Too many shocked looks everywhere. Simon said it was one of the worst he ever heard and thinks Vincent needs new friends. No no no no new friends for Vincent, HAHA!

Now we’re back again to Charleston with the sweet Carlos Guevara who battles with tourette syndrome. A great group of friends and family are there to support him and cheer him on. He’s singing Gravity by John Mayer and not going to lie this performance brought me to tears! Paulina said she was so proud and that he has an amazing voice! Demi could tell he has a beautiful soul! Kelly felt grateful to witness his performance! Simon likes that he isn’t a victim, that nothings stopped him and he has a great voice! And I’m happy to say he got all YESES, including from me!


Commercial break but there’s some crazy moments still to come…


Up on stage are 2 best friends who are hairdressers. We have Chloe J and CJ who will be singing River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner. Simon was left speechless for a moment along with the other judges but he came back saying they are both horrible! Continuous no from the judges. WOAH…something weird just happened! It looked like Chloe couldn’t resist herself, she walked over to Simon and starting kissing him all over! WHAT! Words can’t explain how uncomfortable and scared Simon looked!


Very funny to watch and good thing we can recover with a commercial break…


We’re back. Malie Delgado from Alaska sang Because of You and got all yeses! Next is a cutie from West Virginia, Colton Pack 18, who pretty much brought his entire town with him talk about pressure! He wants to be a country music star and is going to sing Hick Town by Jason Alden. Paulina likes him and his presence. Demi said it was pitchy at times but he was interesting to watch with a natural stage presence. Kelly said he has a unique voice and is talented. Simon really really likes him. 4 big fat yeses!

Back on to LA. Simon’s a little late but the show must go on. Danie Geimer 15, is up singing The House On The Raising Sun by Animals. This performance left me speechless it was so incredible! Kelly said she is it! Demi was impressed. Paulina said she’s so special with incredible vocals and a beautiful smile. And the ladies say yes!

Simons back!

And we have a familiar face, Jeff Gutt from last season! Simon whispers to Kelly that he should of been in the finals. Demi thinks he looks refreshed. He will be singing Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. Uh oh! Things don’t look good. Simon looks very disappointed. Demi whispers to the girls “he has a very good rocker voice, this song isn’t for him.” But looks like Simon is giving him another shot! He sings Creep by Radiohead. Paulina admires him for coming back. Simon believes Jeff picked up bad habits but that’s the only part he didn’t like and the rest was sensational. Kelly is so happy he’s backs and thinks he’s incredible. Demi says he has talent and now he is supposed to be here now. And Jeff’s back! 4 yeses from the judges. Jeff’s son came onstage and brought the crowd to cheers!


Well that concludes this episode. Talk about some crazy moments coming in this season of the X Factor so be sure to watch every Wednesday and Thursday at 8!



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