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The Voice Final Night of Knockout Rounds Live Blog!

Tonight is the final night of the knockout rounds! Who will make it to the live playoffs? Who will Pharrell steal??

Let’s find out!


James Dupre and Shelby Brown is the final pairing from Team Adam.

Shelby has decided to perform, “Jesus Take the Wheel.” Rihanna commented on what an amazing voice Shelby has. Adam thinks her biggest opponent is herself, so he tries convincing her to get out of her own head. During her performance, she definitely put it all out there and successfully performed the song how it should be performed.

James chose to do a song made famous by Blake Shelton. Adam and Rihanna told him that he needed to loosen up and open up on stage a bit more. During his performance, James opened up a little on the stage and moved around while singing like his coach and mentor had suggested.

Adam admits that although Shelby sounded nervous in the beginning, he believed that Shelby Brown was the winner of this knockout.


Next up from Team Pharrell we have, Mark Hood vs. Siahna Im.

Mark chooses to sing, “Stand By Me.” During his performance, he was able to accomplish the R&B rhythym that he does best. Personally, a small issue could be that he adds to much theatrics to his performance, making it a little distracting.

Siahna sings “Back to Black.” For such a small girl, she has a very strong and deep voice. It’s hard to believe that she is only 15 years old! Siahna took the notes from Pharrell and Rihanna and worked them in to her performance.

Ultimately, Pharrell believed that the winner of this knockout is… Mark Hood!


Up next, we have Jeffery Austin and Kota Wade from Team Gwen.

Jeffery chose an Adele song, so we can expect a pretty awesome performance. His coach and mentor suggested that he really let some anger go through the song to help and make the performance better. Jeffery really let his emotions show through in the song and was able to give a great performance.

Kota chose the song, “Barracuda,” another epic song that should be expected to have an amazing performance. Gwen recommends that Kota tones her runs down a little bit in order to keep a sense of femininity and sexiness to the song. Although, she has an amazing voice, I think that her runs were still a little too deep and out of control.

Gwen chose the winner of the knockout round to be… Jeffery Austin!


Emily Ann Roberts and Nadjah Nicole are up next from Team Blake.

Emily Ann Roberts was given advice from Blake and Rihanna telling her not to be afraid to hit those high notes. Emily admits that she knows she can hit them but for whatever reason she can’t all of a sudden. Emily manages to perform the song to the best of her ability, even hitting the notes that she was having such trouble with during rehearsals!

Nadjah Nicole chooses to sing an Alicia Keys song. Rihanna admits that she didn’t know how Nadjah was going to perform the song, but ended up being very impressed. She manages to hit some amazing notes and performs that song, dare I say it, kind of better than Alicia Keys… I still love her though.

Blake makes the final decision and claims the winner to be… Emily Ann Roberts!

In a highlight, it also shows that Blake completed his team by choosing Zach Seabuagh over Chris Crump.


Pharrell’s next pairing is Evan McKeel and Tim Atlas.

Evan McKeel decided that he was going to bring in his guitar for this performance. During the actual performance, he actually doesn’t have his guitar… Awkward. But he makes up for it in his performance giving out the best notes that he could hit.

Tim was stolen by Pharrell from Gwen. Rihanna comments on how his personality needs to come through more and Pharrell tells him he needs to stop straining his voice to allow more emotion to flow through.

Pharrell chooses the winner of the knockout to be… Evan McKeel!


In the final knockout round, from Team Gwen, we have Regina Love and Riley Biederer, both steals.

Riley chose to sing, “XO” by Beyonce but add her on spin to it. Her own rendition of the song matches her personality almost perfectly and for her to put something together like that is awesome on her part and will look great to the coaches.

Regina chooses to sing, “Midnight Train to Georgia.” She also spun the song to her own liking and starts off very strong, and continues that way for the whole song.

Gwen says that the winner of the knockout is… Regina Love!

Pharrell then uses his last steal to get Riley back on his team! Could this also be a possible repeat of the Team Blake and Craig Wayne Boyd from Season 7? We’ll find out!



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